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About Ethical Wellbeing

Abi Nimmo, Founder/Director of Ethical Wellbeing is a committed animal activist and environmentalist. Abi is a Biomedical Scientist and an Occupational Therapist (OT), with 28 years experience working in frontline health and social care, working with children and adults with physical disabilities. Abi has recently given up her full-time job as a community OT to concentrate on her passion, which includes enabling the health and wellbeing of others through compassion for our planet and all it's creatures. 

Like many, she had little idea of where to begin, but realised that she simply HAD to do something!
And so to Abi's vision, which is to mount Ethical Wellbeing Festivals/Events in one of many well placed but temporarily empty and available London buildings, (yet another crime is that there are these redundant buildings standing here awaiting demolition when property is at such a premium).

As a vital part of these events, Ethical Wellbeing will also be providing reasonably priced spaces for small ethical businesses such as companies making ethically made jewellery, toiletries & clothing, these spaces will be available for storage, manufacturing, workshops, groups and classes including: yoga, biodanza & meditation.

The main festival for each venue will run over one or two days & will be animal free (vegan). On the Saturday of each festival Ethical Wellbeing will be hosting a yoga rave. We are aiming to have VIP ethical life-style/conservationists speakers at our events. This will enable particularly children and young adults to ask any questions they may have. about the world of conservation. There will also be book signings, demonstrations and educational talks. 

Such events and careful use of otherwise empty spaces will enable Ethical Wellbeing to raise money to support people from disadvantaged backgrounds to work/volunteer in conservation, and in doing so actively promote their wellbeing too.

We will be sponsoring at least 5 young adults to access conservation projects abroad for 6 months whilst providing them with the right type of care and support to develop their own skills in order to properly enter gainful employment. This type of project will create a legacy, as their experiences in caring for the environment should transfer to those around them and to their progeny.

Our Mission at Ethical Wellbeing: to generate respect for the planet and all its creatures.