Our Core Values

Love Nature 


 Nature Will Love you Back in Abundance!

It starts with you!


Our Core Ethical Values

All companies we engage with, sell only animal free products at our events

We actively oppose the use of animals for: food, clothing, toiletries, entertainment, sports & for research/experimentation purposes

We prefer locally sourced, organic products where possible

We are against the importing of products from countries that support child labour

We are against the use of ships to import goods

We are against the use of pesticides in agriculture

We are against genetically modified farming

We say no to plastics

 Core values of the individuals we work with:

A person with a deep respect for nature and all living beings


Acts with integrity

Is honest

Keeps his/ her promises

Is consistent

Is loyal to those that are not present

Is reliable

Is credible

Has a good reputation


Treat others better than they treat you

Is open and tolerant of differences

Is considerate and courteous

Deals peacefully with anger, disagreements, and/or insults

Uses good manners

Takes responsibility

Understands that actions create certain consequences


Is open-minded and listens to others

Takes turns and shares

Does not lay the blame on others needlessly

Is equitable and impartial


Expresses gratitude to others

Forgives others

Helps people/animals in need

Is compassionate to all living beings


Shares information

Stays informed

Is a good neighbour

Protects the environment

Seeks the common good for nature and all living beings

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