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*Highlight of week at the bottom of this page!

Putney venue secured for first festival!

Skates are on!!!

The venue is fantastic and perfect for the first festival of what will be many!

Note: venue is indoors, therefore the weather will not impact upon the day. Double doors on park side create an outside/inside feeling - a beautiful space to relax in!

Bring your picnic rug and your yoga mat!

Event is alcohol/smoking/drug free. We can only accommodate well behaved dogs (on leads) at the venue.

Full Price Daytime Ticket:

Adults (16+) £10

Children (5-15) £6

Infants (0-4) £0

BOGOF rate until 6pm, 6th August 2017, when tickets will be half the above prices. To avoid disappointment please book your ticket in advance, only very limited tickets will be available on the door.

Daytime Sat: 10:30-7pm & Sun: 10:30-4:30pm - tickets 12th & 13th August includes: all talks, yoga and meditation classes are free, except Marvin's yoga class where we will be collecting £10 per person towards Grenfell Tower fund. Ethical Wellbeing is suggesting participants might want to donate 50p or a £1 towards each class which will go to help Ethical Wellbeing's fund which aims to sponsor 5 young adults to access a 6 month conservation in Uganda (see Abi's bio in 'About' page).

Jungle Creche for children aged 4-10yrs old. Children 4 or under to be accompanied by an adult. We have an author, Tina Stubbs reading her Life's Little Bugs books on children's wellbeing, we have a children's yoga instructor, a children's psychologist, and a qualified child minder (runs her own business) holding the space and helping the children to get creative and enjoy the jungle!

Timetable for both Jungle Creche and Fitness/talk studios have been finalised, will be posted here tomorrow: Sunday 6th August!!

Weekend Pass inc both days as above & our fantastic Nine Lives Yoga Rave: 12th August same venue from 7pm-10:30pm. Tickets cost £30 each (£15 until 6pm, 6th August). Rave starts at 7:30pm. Includes UV body painting, acrobats, contortionists, yoga, rave (dance) and then deep meditation to close at 10:30pm.

Relaxing Zones

Ethical Wellbeing is creating 3 chill-out areas to enable people to meet, chat, eat and relax.

Artists Gallery

We are having a gallery showcasing the inspired work of 7 local artists. Art is incredibly good for our wellbeing, whether or not we are the painter. 

See our gallery page:


Azure at Putney Ethical Wellbeing Festival:


Exciting talks

We have some incredible talks over the weekend including:

Devraj Singh, European Ambassador for Yogi Teas will be giving 2 x nurturing combination classes which involves: yoga, mediation and tea tasting.

Marvin Reid, Yoga teacher and Occupational Therapist will be giving a powerful talk on Resilience. He will also be holding a group specific for men's health and wellbeing.

Aga Tha, Kinesiologist/wellbeing practitioner is going to give a talk on spine health (much needed with office jobs) and a talk on chocolate and mindfulness!

doTERRA, will be giving a talk on use of essential oils.

Becky Crisp, will be giving a talk on Wild organic skin care.

Rohit Sujanani, Pranic healer and teacher will be giving a talk on the Ancient Art of Pranic Healing.

& many more talks....

Food glorious food

Bryony Loveday, personal trainer will be giving an inspiring talk on our relationship with food.

Meredith Whitely, Owner & Director of: Food at Heart - will be putting on a fantastic plant based cookery demo for us!

MT, nutritionist will then provide guidance on healthy plant based nutrition, whilst also putting on a stall of healthy plant based foods.


We are doing our best to keep our carbon footprint down 🐾 please bring: your own shopping bags, if possible your own cup, plate spoon and fork for eating. If it's a lovely day, bring a picnic rug because the park is next door, it's a lovely place to relax right next to the Thames (secure park for children's safety).

Getting here

Great transport links, please do try to come on foot. Parking is meter on the road we are not in a position to offer parking onsite to anyone other than vendors, this is because we are keen to ensure the space is secure & safe.


EEP - a top security company has given the building a once over, as are the London Fire Brigade. All being well, the same security company to oversee security over weekend including thorough ticket/bag checks. The safety of our customers is something that Ethical Wellbeing will always take very seriously!!

CCTV cameras in place, and will be on before and during the event. This is to ensure everyone feels as secure as possible.

Look to your left and you will see Ethical Wellbeing has a new look! 💗

23rd July 2017

Steering Group Putney Festival Prep!

16th July 2017 - Wonderful steering group for Putney event... met this morning, now hard at it cleaning venue.... — with Das Das, Esther Linton, Daniele Babusci, Abriella, Loulou, Zuzana Camm, Jessica., Nick, Michael and Andre Berry.

Ethical Wellbeing's first Radio Ad aired 21st July 2017 at 07:40am, very exciting!

Highlight of the year - a beautiful hand written letter from national/Abi's hero:

 Sir. David Attenborough

Feeling very honored!

Looks like we may have a couple TV/Film directors/producers wanting to pitch the story of Ethical Wellbeing to BBC3!