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The Elephant in the Room

Okay - the protein, calcium & iron questions:

Q: How much protein, calcium and iron do elephants, rhinos and giraffe need?

A: Yes folks, they need significantly more than we do!!

Q: where do they source theirs?

A: plants!

We are conditioned to think we need animal sources of protein, calcium and iron, the truth is we don't,  plant foods contain all the nutrients we need to be healthy. Plus, plant sources of these nutrients are much easier for our bodies to digest and use.

People on a plant based diet (vegan) are 40% less likely to develop: cancer, dementia, cardiovascular disease, stroke, arthritis, neurological conditions, diabetes, obesity, the list goes on! 

Remember: Big Pharma have a vested interest in us consuming animal products

Q: why?

Big Pharma is strongly linked to animal agriculture: e.g. antibiotics, steroids & pesticides.

All the evidence points to Big Pharma having a vested interest in us being sick!!!